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About Us

Vanda High Events operates with the strong belief that every event and client is unique.


Each client has a vision of what they expect their event to be. Whether it is a bride bringing her dreams to life, parents celebrating their child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah or a company thanking its employees. It is the job of Vanda High Events to make the vision and the dream a reality.


Vanda High begins by listening to the client's ideas and dreams, developing those ideas, guiding the client through the various options and decisions, making recommendations for locations and vendors, overseeing the budget, contracts, and managing the day of the event. We not only make the day of the event perfect but we make the entire planning process enjoyable and as stress free as possible.

Events are complicated. They are time-sensitive and they involve a lot of staff. Events can be emotional and expectations are high. Careful planning guarantees that the event will go perfectly.


Our clients are able to enjoy their special day, knowing that every detail has been thought through, approved and communicated to all the vendors.


Vanda High Events can handle any size event from 20 to 1000 guests and any budget from several thousand to several million. We have a wide variety of vendors that we can recommend or we will work with vendors that the client already knows.


Vanda High personally works with each client throughout the entire planning process and along with a highly trained staff, oversees each event from start to finish.

Vanda High

Vanda High started her company in 1988 — initially the company was called Great Beginnings. Since that time she has planned events that range from small intimate affairs to major events involving multiple tents, name entertainment and travel. She has planned and overseen events in New York City and the surrounding Tri-State area including The Hamptons, Cape Cod, Block Island, the Rhode Island Shore, the Caribbean and the Oregon Shore.

Over the years Ms. High has become known for her attention to detail, organizational skills, management of suppliers and a calm approach.


Ms. High has a BA in English, a BA in Communication and an MA in Communication.

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